Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We did a little of everything this year on Spring Break. We enjoyed some snow, some camping, some sand and sun, and some torrential rains. We could not have packed anything more into this trip if we tried!

Our trip started out on a snowy Thursday leaving from Tulsa. We ended that day back at home and me in my robe, in bed. No, I wasn't sick, I just just kind of had a break - with reality that is. I felt a little crazed and claustrophobic because we had so much stuff packed in our car our faces were smashed up against the windows and the kids had their knees to their chests. After a good night's sleep we headed out the next morning fresh and ready to go.

First, we headed to Houston and saw my sister Amy and her family who hosted our motley crew, thanks Amy! Then to Galveston to see Uncle Brandon in medical school and G-ma and
G-pa Ashton, Ashley and her hubby Kevin. It rained for 3 days straight so we went to the aquarium and played Rock Band. Then I got to hook up with a couple friends from high school which was such a treat! We had fish tacos and caught up on the last 15 years! The sun came out the last day and we got to go play at the beach.

Mom and Lauren in the shark tank

Brandon, Mom Ashton, Kevin, Ashley, Cameron and Lauren at aquarium
How do you like my flash photography despite the sign not to? Ha!

Ashley and Kevin - The newlyweds
(Part 2 Coming soon...No seriously, it really will be here soon)

A Little Praise for the Mommies

Dr. Laura was on Hannity last night and has a beautiful take on mom's who stay home with their children. It really is the hardest job on earth and she gives us a warm hug and a pat on the back! Love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well...hello friend

What can I say? See, there she goes you know what I've been doing...

So the motivation for this post was the snow flake layout I've had up for 3, almost 4 months now. Sad. But hey, life happens.

Here are some random pics to let you see what we've been doing...



Birthdays (Lauren's 9th)