Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

We took the plunge literally and got the boat pictured in the previous post! The day we went to look at it it rained torrentially all day! I said to Darren that maybe it was a sign that we shouldn't get the boat. He smirked and we drove on...until one of our rear tires was punctured by some random metal spear on the freeway during the drenching rain. Thanks to GPS we found a Firestone in under 5 minutes and were able to get the tire replaced but not before Darren pulled the metal spear out and we heard the air as it spewed out the tire rapidly. And then there was the 10 seconds we had to drive in water up to the grill to make it past a freeway on ramp to get to the Firestone. I said, "Okay Darren, maybe THIS is a sign that the boat is not a good move??" But onward we went from the Firestone to the dealer where we looked at the boat and measured the trailer and got completely soaked while doing it. It was a damp, damp day! After mulling it over and when the sun came out the next day it seemed like we should go for it. We have been busy bidding on boating gear on Ebay ever since. I just can't wait to get in the front of that thing and shout at the top of my lungs, "I'm sailing...I'm sailing" What about Bob fans will get that. Good news too that Oklahoma State parks don't even charge you to put your boat in the lake! Bring on the warm sunny days!!

Spring Break 2008

What fun we had camping! I could have done without the first night where we froze and I didn't sleep a wink. By the end of the next day I was in tears over my exhaustion which didn't last thanks to the 3 Benadryl I took before bed that night. What a feeling getting a good nights rest after being so tired! We had fun tubing on the river, cooking all our meals and hiking; I mean rock climbing thanks Uncle Chad! And poor Sarah sat on a cactus as she tried to catch her breath on the rock climb. Darren and I had to pick those little prickers out of her bum and palms of her hands and once they were out they still stung and she wanted to keep going without her pants on. I regret not taking even one picture because my camera batteries died. Amy please send us all of your shots. There is no way to adequately describe though how good that bed felt our first night home after driving 11 hours straight. When I blew my hair dry for church on Easter Sunday I could still smell campfire!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Camping We Will Go...and then to Bear Yake

These are actual pictures of Garner State Park where we will be camping

The time has come and not soon enough! Cameron has been pretending to raft down the river in this boat we have inflated in our living room all week long. I just hope it is warm enough to get wet. 90 degrees please!! We are stocked with all the essentials, powdered donuts, string cheese, peanut M&M's and 4 - 12 packs of soda pop. And some real food too...but anyway we are so excited and if we come back with a boat we can tow it up to Bear Lake for tons of fun!! We are going to make it...this baby will come early enough for us to make it. And if the doctor says it is too soon to travel I'll remind him about the Pioneers that crossed the plains while they birthed their babies. Cause I am so like a pioneer woman, never relying on modern medicine or conveniences to make life better! HA! I'll bring hefty doses of Zoloft and I'll be just fine thank you very much. See you at Bear Yake!

Vote on the Boat

We are headed down to TX next week for the much anticipated camping trip with the Bradshaw family. On the way Darren has us stopping off to look at some boats he is very interested in. What do you think?