Friday, December 12, 2008

Kory and Amber...Caramel Recipe

I emailed both of you in response to your comments but I guess those auto reply emails don't make it. So here is the recipe:

2 sticks butter
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups karo syrup
1 can Eagle Brand milk
1/4 tsp salt

Mix all in heavy duty pot. Bring to boil on med high and cook until it comes together in when dripped into ice water, or to 234 degrees. Some candy thermometers can be inaccurate so I do the ice water method. DO NOT OVERCOOK! When the color starts turning golden start checking. Pour into saran wrapped 9 x 13 pan. Cool and turn out to cut. Wrap in wax paper. They are really good with pecans added to it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Time

Time to start the traditions in our house of poppy seed bread making and caramel wrapping. I am ready to bake, bake, bake! I love to have the Christmas tunes on and the tree lit up and bake up a storm. It also helps if it is lightly snowing outside the window. It all adds to the feeling of it all! Mmmmm...I love this time of year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Amy, post the Christmas names...I forgot to tell anyone! Hopefully you still have the paper.

Thanks to Darren and Chad for picking the names this year.

Another Cameron Funny

A while ago Darren had a conversation in the car with the kids. We had just seen a guy holding a sign on a street corner, begging for money. So he told the kids that if they didn't want to beg on a street corner for money or be a garbage man, or a construction worker out in the hot or cold weather (no disrespect) they should never quit school and go to college. Last Saturday evening my parents took our family out to eat at their favorite seafood restaurant. Cameron was sitting across from me and after looking around the place and seeing all the wait staff he says to me, "So...Mom, all these people quit school?"