Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh No You Ditn't!

Boy, it felt good to have some blood boiling through me again yesterday. Sarah, the baby and I were down at our neighborhood pool chillin' when these riff raff black kids came and tried to swim. I knew them because they hang out at our neighbor's house next door and last year when I was pool police I kicked them out. So I ask the spokesman of the group if they live here in the neighborhood. He said they did to which I said, "No you don't, I see where you walk into the neighborhood from across the street all the time." He told me to shut up. Then the other boy with them admitted to me they didn't live in the neighborhood when the other kid went to the bathroom. He said "Tell me if she starts trippin'" as he left to relieve himself. So I told them again they couldn't swim and he said, "You bettah shut up or you're gonna get your a** whooped." What?? Oh no you ditn't! So I had our friendly Sherrif pay him and his brother a visit thanks to directions from the kids next door. Apparently they don't hang out anymore with them anymore after he assaulted some boys next door last Sunday. Real winner! If I see him around here again I'm gonna busta cap in his...what?? That's right! Darren has a high power pellet gun and I'm not afraid to use it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too Tired To Blog

I'm still here... but lately, blogging hasn't been on the top of my list. Changing diapers and getting Erin to smile has been though. She likes to smile now in the morning alot. Too bad she is all smiled out before her Daddy ever sees it. He gets home just in time for the screams. I'm just glad he still comes home knowing he has to come home to such chaos. I'll update more later, my pillow is calling.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Days of My Life...

Erin's Blessing

Cameron and Sarah's idea of babysitting...letting her listen to the hot wheels radio!

Sarah's Blessing Day...Can you tell the picture was taken AFTER church??
Erin's Blessing Dress
Big Sister Helping

First day of School

Cameron and Lauren had their first day of school Wednesday. Cameron started 1st grade and has the same teacher Lauren had. She is great and was Teacher of the Year in 2007. Let's hope Cameron makes as good of an impression as Lauren did in her class!! Lauren was so excited to start 3rd grade. She got a really great teacher too and has some friends from previous years in her class. Looks like a great year is ahead of us. And boy, is the house quiet...Sarah and Erin and I are going to get lots of naps now!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Crazy Colic Nights

Erin is doing mighty fine. In our home we have gotten used to the evening wailings of our baby. She has a great set of lungs and knows how to cry, really well. She goes into frantic mode every evening before she nods off to sleep. She is sleeping better and better every night, but can't go without her nightly screams. It is a much different picture than I had of quietly rocking her, singing a lullaby of sorts as she peacefully drifted off to sleep. Instead, I sing the lullaby to myself in my head to keep from holding her too tightly and squeezing!!! Don't call DHS, I'm fine but I do look forward to the day she grows out of this phase. And please no stories about how your kid didn't grow out of it until they were five. I need to be able to believe that this will end soon! On a positive note...she is taking the binky now and seems to like it. See friends...binky therapy worked!!

It Happened to Me...

This an installment Parents magazine has in their magazine where parents tell terrible things that happened to their kids to warn other parents of hazzards posed to young kids. Well, here's mine...I burned my three-year-old with instant oatmeal. I had heated the milk/water up in the microwave and it had boiled over so it was super hot. I took the glass measuring cup out and poured the milk into the bowl of oatmeal. It boiled up and over the bowl, burning my hand so I dropped it. Sarah was standing right beside me anxious to get her oatmeal and it splattered on her. She got burned on her eyelid, her neck and she has a blister on her forehead. Great mom, I know. So cautious and careful. Needless to say, I felt so terrible as she cried. So...NEVER pour over-heated milk into a bowl of dry instant oatmeal because apparently it blows up and makes a huge mess all over your entire kitchen and burns like the firery furnaces of hell!!