Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summertime Fun

Is that a gang sign? Don't ask me where that came from.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cameron's 6th Birthday

Turning six...oh how the days were so simple back then. When armpit farts and hot wheels were as good as it gets! Cameron was most thrilled about the free hot wheels radio with headphones I got free through the cereal box offer. He rocks his head back and forth and says he is listening to cowboy music. He also loved the hot wheels spinner track Nana sent him. He also got a new beach towel for this summer and a face mask for the pool, sidewalk chalk, water guns, and a watch with hands to practice telling time. After we sang and he opened presents the kids had a blast on the trampoline together throwing water balloons. Then Dad hosed them off and we all watched Gladiators! A great birthday and family night all in one!

The assembly of the hot wheels toy

Cameron letting little sis have a listen to his cool tunes

Opening presents

Totally nailed her with that one!

Here is one back 'atcha Cameron!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Junk Yard Okies

Oklahoma is not the place to have a garage sale if you want to make any sort of profit on your belongings. I made a whopping $4 this past Saturday during our neighborhood garage sale. I had a pack n'play out there, some pottery barn crib bedding, a bouncer seat, baby walker, and a few other things. I had a couple people ask about the pack n'play but apparently 15$ was WAY out of their price range. It was in good condition but used. I had a lady in a red neck twang tell me "Oh that crib leans, I wouldn't put my great - grand baby in that...but I'd take it for $5." Oh, so you're cheap and yet generous enough to take it off my hands. Un-freakin-believable!! I tried to sell a newborn gown for 50 cents and she said "would you take a quarter?" Sure, why the heck I can buy that piece of bubble gum I've been wanting. I get that haggling comes with the territory at a garage sale but here there just isn't any limit. If I would have offered things for free they would have wanted me to load it in their car too!! No more garage sales for me!

I'm feeling the same emotion I felt when we managed the Safari Motel in good 'ol Provo, UT and I was 8 mos pregnant with Cameron. This guy had come around selling books door to door and I was clearly uninterested. He ended up calling me some choice names for not buying his crap and I ended up pushing him out the door of the motel! He claimed "Assault!" And I said, "Please call the police because I know they'll get a kick out of this!" It might just be the pregnancy hormones in me making me so belligerent. Maybe I will mellow out in a few weeks.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Monkey Bar Mishap

Yeah, you're right, a girl is sounding better and better to me as time goes by. Cameron had a real cast on his arm by the time he was 9 mos. old. It was my fault but it just goes with his M.O. Cam fell off the monkey bars and caught himself with his left hand, luckily. Too bad today is Super Kids Day at school and he won't be able to jump on any inflatables:( He is a tough kid though. There was noo boobing at the urgent care and he took it all like the little man he is. He officially got a buckle fracture and it should heal in 2 weeks in this splint. He can even take it off for baths which means no stinky dead skin afterwards. Yea! I think Darren is most upset because he can't pull him on the boat this weekend skiing. It would have just been a wipe out fest anyway. I guess you have to start somewhere though.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ashley's Wedding

Darren and Lauren got to fly to Utah to see Darren's little sister Ashley Elaine get married. She and Kevin Newbold were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple on Friday, May 2. It was a wonderful day and everything went beautifully. It was a sad day to not have Darren's Grandmother there, who died three weeks earlier from breast cancer. I was glad Lauren could go and have a memory of a temple marriage so she can have that in her mind as she gets older. She loves her Aunt Ashley so much so to be a part of her special day was fantastic for Lauren. Spending time one-on-one with Dad was a blast too she said!

Band of Brothers

Lauren the Flower Girl

Wonder who didn't get measured for tux??? Hello, shirt cuff!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer's Almost Here

What a beautiful day today was! Sunny and 80 degrees. I am totally ready for the sun and warmth. Bring it on! Darren gave the kids a dry run with the trainer skis and I did a little work in the flower bed. The crepe myrtle I stole from my neighbors trash last fall is just beginning to get new growth, although now it just looks like two dead little branches! How exciting. We have eaten two ripe berries off our little strawberry plants with a few more growing fast! It just feels so good to have daylight in the evening and be together as a family mowing the lawn, watching the kids play. Aaaahh, that's the life!