Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Puppy and The Lost Tooth

Cameron lost his first tooth tonight. He and Sarah were playing, and he was the puppy. The puppy was chewing on some clothes and she yanked it out of his mouth really hard and out flew the tooth. Forget about the fact that it wasn't even loose to start with or that it was bleeding, he thought it was the coolest thing that had ever happened to him! He wants to show it to all his friends at school and his teacher! It took him a half hour to find it after it was flung across the room. I guess that means the tooth fairy has to come tonight...crap!

Once when Lauren lost a tooth she got a pack of juicy fruit and 69 cents. Yep, that's what was in the coin tray of the car. Then I told her about the tooth fairy. So the next tooth she lost I kept forgetting and by the 4th night as I put her to bed, she handed me her tooth and said with a sweet look in her eye, "Just take it, Mom."

I looked at his mouth close to make sure all was fine and told him to not lose any more teeth because it made him look too old and I didn't want him to grow up too fast. He said he wanted to live fast and die so that he could be with Jesus. Uuuuhhh...what? This isn't the first time he has talked like this. I said, "Why? What is it going to be like?" He said, "Warm and cozy." I think he is right. Times like this I think I need to hug and kiss and love more often and not "cry over spilled milk" so much. We never know what will happen in life! But I'm sure Cameron will be here for lots of years to come giving me grief and helping me realize I need to chill out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Team Becky

Today was the funeral service for Duane Scott Summers. It was a beautiful service that was very well attended. I was glad I could be there. Becky and I met when we moved here 5 years ago. She is a saintly mother and a great friend. She has such great common sense and looks at life with great perspective. We have carpooled kids, served in primary together, and are visiting teaching partners. This weekend there will be a benefit for their family at our ward building. We will be selling baked goods and having a bi-ward parking lot sale and all the the proceeds will go to the Summers family. There has also been a fund set up if anyone wishes to donate. Please click on the team Becky button to do so. Read about their family here.

As her friends and brothers and sisters in the gospel we will ever be by her side to listen, support and love our dear Becky and her 7 "little monkeys".

As a side note, I thought it was so sweet at the viewing last evening, beneath the casket lined up in a row were 7 little stuffed monkey's, representing each of their 7 extraordinary children.

Monday, November 10, 2008

To my Dear Friend Becky,

I just heard of Duane's passing. Oh, how I wish the world could stop for a moment in sweet remembrance of your dear husband. All the demands of life are so pale in comparison to your sweetheart leaving this life. I pray your heart will be able to bear what emotions will come...what you have already been enduring. Please know of my love for you and my prayers on your behalf. I and many others will still be here long after the funeral is over and life returns to normal for so many others. Know you have friends who love and care for you and your sweet children. We won't ever grow tired of you talking about your sweet husband, your Superman, Duane.

With love,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture of The Day

The thought of doing this scares the living daylights out of me!
Ismari, while this may bring a smile to you and your sweet hubby's face it puts absolute fear and panic on mine!! Aaaahhhhhh!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Erin's Ab workout and Dog Hating

Because the items in this post were unrelated I was going to call it odds and ends, but then, all I could think of was nuts and butts, and rears and queers which is a punch line to a joke my dad tells and so I just couldn't do it. A select few know that joke...thanks dad!

Lately, Erin will lay with her head up, trying her darnedest to try to do a full on sit-up, like if she tries it just one more time.... she'll be able to do it. One and two and hold and again...

Lauren created some fine artwork this afternoon I thought I would share with you all. She hasn't been influenced at all by my dislike for the canine species. Our neighbor's have 4 little dogs and one chased her the other day so she did some journaling to work through her fear. I laughed so hard when I saw the flower drooping because of the smelly poop! Maybe I'll have her enter it in our school's Reflections contest. Think it would win...the theme is "WOW", which isn't what I'm thinking when I see their dog's poop in our yard. I'm thinking, "Where is that pellet gun?"

My Birfday and more Halloween

I woke up filthy, stinkin, rich on my birthday this year! Darren was expecting some extra $ this month from some trainings he had done. Now, we all know that we spend what we make, but after the baby we are still trying to pay off a few bills. I said, "Whenever you finally do get this money, can I just roll around on the bed with it for a while before it vanishes?" So I woke up to
100 dollar bills on my bed to "roll around in". Heck, the bills can wait, I'm going shopping! He made me breakfast too and we got to spend the day together driving to OKC and back. It was a great day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from so many of you! Enjoy the pics below...
Money, money, money, money........Moooonnneeeeyyyy!
Trick or treating

Sometimes I think I would never have anything to write about if I didn't have Cameron. That kid has some great material for blogging. He takes the cake again with this one...As he walked away from a house while trick-or-treating he yells back to me, "Mom..... that lady smokes!" And I mean the kind of yell that he would use to tell me the house is on fire! The lady is behind her truck smoking a cigarette, talking on her cell phone, and handing out candy to kids. Talk about multi-tasking! I just moved on quietly and hoped she hadn't seen which mom he screamed it to. So I guess we need to have the talk about why we don't publically humiliate people for smoking just because we don't do it.