Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to St George, UT!!

Look what's blooming in St. George, and all in my own yard!

Boy has it been a WHILE or what????? Yeah, I know....let's move on. Our family moved to St .George, UT on Feb 13th. We have been here 3 months now and have settled in nicely. We are so grateful to have a nice home with a little extra room to move around in. The house has really been fun to enjoy and decorate with our nice views out the back and unique flowering desert plants. We can't wait to see what blooms next!

The kids have all done so well adjusting and we live on a cul-de-sac street with lots of kids and it is so much safer than our busy intersection in our OK house. School will be out for the summer this Thursday and I will be wearing all black to initiate the mourning :( Just kidding! We are excited to spend time swimming and boating and riding our bikes. Darren and I have gotten bikes and have loved the great trails around here. The scenery is really beautiful, just not as green as we were used to in Oklahoma. The ward has been so welcoming and we have made some good friends already. We do miss our Oklahoma friends and were so sad to leave that part of our life behind. I especially have such a warm place in my heart for so many good friends that helped to carry us through such a hard time when Darren was sick. We will always treasure our Okie friends!

There are so many things to do here in St. George!! We have been to Snow Canyon State Park, Zions National Park, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Tuacahn Amphitheatre to see Brian Regan and Kurt Bestor, and we went mountain biking on some local trails and had a fun time without any wipeouts! We have also had three police officers visit from some "Sarah 911" calls. And Cameron got 4 stitches in his thumb trying to slice his own apple. Oh, and a 78 year-old lady ran into us while we were towing the boat and we got to dial 911 for real! The kids LOVED that. Luckily no one was hurt. Except for when Erin rolled up the window on my arm all the way. I'm still sporting a nice black bruise from that!

Lauren turned 10 in March and has liked babysitting everyone and earning some $ for herself. And Cameron turned 8 last week and looks forward to being baptized June 5th. He passed his Bishop's interview today so I guess it's a go!

Darren is liking his job and trying to rejuvinate the adoption program here. His co-workers are all glad someone is finally here locally to help run it so it can really be the blessing it's meant to be. I have started running 3 miles 3 times a week with some neighbors in the ward. The scale hasn't moved much but I am definately getting stronger. It is so nice to be outside here too! Never any humidity and so cooler temps don't feel nearly as cold and we haev beautiful sunsets almost every night. Even if it does cloud up for a while, it seems like they go away i ntime for a pretty sunset. Sunshine is sooooooo good for my soul and I get plenty here. We didn't realize we would like it this much here and feel so grateful that the Lord provided such a good home, neighborhood, and ward for us to be a part of.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to.


Julie said...

I agree -- liking Utah more than you thought you would is totally unexpected. Glad you are settling in. Weather in the desert, and sunsets, are so much fun!

Nicole said...

So glad you are all doing well! I CAN NOT believe how big your kids are! How did that happen? You guys look great-best of luck! P.S., I have an LDS friend who's dying for a 2nd baby if Darren needs to add names to the list!

Daniel said...

It certainly sounds like you have had lots of adventures! All that interaction with police - how exciting. I'm glad you are enjoying your new location. Miranda

Real Life Roberts said...

AWESOME! I'm glad you've adjusted so well! There's never a dull moment with your kids...they are so cute! Keep up the updates! I miss you.

Amy Jo said...

Welcome back to the blog world. I think with kids, activities, moving, etc, it is hard to post. I loved seeing the pictues of your family, the kids are getting so big! Call us if you are ever up this way and we would love to come visit in St George. I think we are the only people in Utah that haven't been there! Love ya!

Mom said...

Nancy Blamires here...So good to see how much you are enjoying your new home. How are things going in the summer heat? Recently came home from Brenda's in Arizona where it was an oven most of the time. See Becky's blog for what we are enjoying here. Humidity slightly over rated but otherwise it's pretty good...too much grass to mow though. Tell Cameron Hi for me and congratulations on being baptized! That's great!

Kristin said...

Hey! Kerry, my old roommate from BYU said she saw you at the pool! Did you guys move to Hurricane or are you in St. George? Small world! Miss you! You guys should come and see us in Nor Cal sometime! Hope to run into you someday soon!