Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Year in Review

The easiest way to sum up last year is through pictures. Since our news of moving to St. George I will commit to more regular posts. I look forward to keeping better track of our comings and goings through our family blog this year!

Big Brother Cameron with bald baby Erin

Family wrestle mania!

Happy 9th Birthday to Lauren...Nice job Sara Lee!

No Sarah, she doesn't need help!

Cameron turns 7 with some Krispy Kremes!
Golf with Dad

Spring Showers (floods)

Cute Sarah

Erin teething on her shoes


KoryLCorey said...

She's alive, alive I say. Good to see a new entry. Can't wait to see more.

Holly and Chris Kneeland said...

No pictures with the Kneelands :( Now I see how we rank on your list. First you move, then you don't include us in your year review! So sad!!!

Julie said...

St. George? That's sort of close! Great photos -- lovely family.

Sally said...

Glad to have you back in the blogging world. I'm a little skeptical about regular updates though! You'll have to prove me wrong.